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Compare Rice Nutrition

Nutrients of RiceUncooked 100gCooked
1/2 cup = 98g
Uncooked 100gCooked
1/2 cup = 79g
Uncooked 100gCooked
1/2 cup = 79g
Dry Form 100gReady to Serve
1/2 cup = 83g
Water (%)10.471.311.654.19.755.68.459.4
Food Energy (Kcal)370108365


Protein (gms)
Fat (gms)
Carbohydrate: Total (gms)77.222.48022.380.420.682.320.7
Dietary Fiber (gms)
Ash (gms)
Calcium (mgs)23102885515227
Iron (mgs)1.50.4**4.3**1.0**5.3**1.4**6.3**1.5
Phosphorous (mgs)333811153415643.511831
Sodium (mgs)7***5***3***10***
Potassium (mgs)223421152818744277.5
Thiamin (mgs)0.40.09**0.58**0.13**0.7**0.17**0.93**0.06
Riboflavin (mgs)
Niacin (mgs)5.11.5**4.2**1.17**5.1**1.8**7**1.4
Folate (mgs)204**231**46**257**64**275**58
Vitamin E (mgs)

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. 2009. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 22. Nutrient Data Laboratory Home Page

**Values for iron, thiamin, niacin and folate are based on the minimum levels of enrichment by the U.S. Government
***Varies with sodium ion content of water and the addition of salt in cooking

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