Minute® Ready to Serve Rice

Delicious and quick Minute® Ready to Serve Rice is fully cooked and there is nothing to add. Simply remove the film ... heat the cup in the microwave for 60-seconds and serve. Little clean-up is required as you can eat right out of the cup. Ideal for lunch or snack, Minute Ready to Serve Rice offers portability and portion control for busy lifestyles.
Minute® Ready to Serve Whole Grain Brown Rice Minute Ready to Serve Brown & Wild Rice Minute Ready to Serve Multi-Grain Medley Minute Ready to Serve White Rice
Whole Grain Brown Rice Brown & Wild Rice Multi-Grain Medley White Rice
Minute Ready to Serve Chicken Rice Mix Minute® Ready to Serve Yellow Rice Mix Minute Ready to Serve Jasmine Rice
Chicken Rice Mix Yellow Rice Mix Jasmine Rice
Brown Rice is an excellent source of whole grains. Search for information about gluten free products

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