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Minute® Multi-Grain Medley

Multi-Grain Medley

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Minute® Multi-Grain Medley is a blend of four popular gluten free 100% whole grains and is ready in only 10 minutes.  The four grains include:

  • Brown Rice – usually brown but can be black, purple, red or a variety of exotic hues.
  • Thai Red Rice - also known as Khao Deng, is an ancient grain that has a pleasant and nutty flavor.
  • Wild Rice – not technically rice at all but the seed of an aquatic grass.  It has a strong, hearty flavor that goes well with other grains.
  • Quinoa (pronounced "KEEN-wah") – is a small, light-colored round grain, similar in appearance to sesame seeds.  It cooks up light and fluffy.  The protein in quinoa is a complete protein as it contains all nine essential amino acids.
Minute® Multi-Grain Medley - 4 Preportioned bagsThis quick cooking whole grain medley is pre-portioned in 4 separate bags for ease of preparation and has a slightly chewy, nutty flavor. Perfect for any meal, even as a wholesome start to the day, this medley is great when eaten with a little olive oil and salt, cooked in meat/vegetable broths or fruit juices.  Make Minute® Multi-Grain Medley a versatile recipe staple for your pantry.

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