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Minute® Ready to Serve Rice

Delicious and quick Minute® Ready to Serve Rice is fully cooked and only needs 60 seconds to heat. Simply remove the film ... heat the cup in the microwave for 60-seconds and serve. Little clean-up is required as you can eat right out of the cup. Ideal for lunch or snack, Minute Ready to Serve Rice offers portability and portion control for busy lifestyles.
Minute® Ready to Serve Whole Grain Brown Rice Minute Ready to Serve White Rice
Whole Grain Brown Rice Brown & Wild Rice Multi-Grain Medley White Rice

Minute Ready to Serve Chicken Rice Mix

Minute® Ready to Serve Yellow Rice Mix Minute Ready to Serve Jasmine Rice
Chicken Rice Mix Yellow Rice Mix

Jasmine Rice

Fried Rice Mix
Black Beans & Rice Basmati Rice